As extraordinary falconers we offer an extraordinary service for your special day... something no other falconry provider can give you... themed entertainment!

Don't ask us to fly your rings down the aisle; there have been too many embarrassing incidents when that has gone horribly wrong! What you need on your big day is something graceful, dignified, delightful and reliable, something that will enchant your guests and give the bride and groom a forever memory. Like the sound of that?

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Oh for the love of falconry.....

is a special hand written performance unique to us and crafted solely for the purpose of celebrating marriages and unions. It takes the form of either a static display with verbal presentation (suitable for inside a marquee or large room) or an outdoor static display with flying demonstration (suitable for a large lawn or parkland setting). The choice depends on your venue and budget. Presented in either Medieval or Tudor costume, the presentation tells the fascinating entangled story of courtly love and falconry. There are shocks and smiles, tragedy and thrills that will put a whole new perspective on love and romance. Your guests will adore it. And you, the betrothed, get starring roles in the performance. We offer a special personal photo session and use a PA system so all your friends and family can hear comfortably. Get in touch if you love the idea!

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