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We are totally unique in that we offer so many periods of falconry history and all to equal standard. To accurately represent the entire heritage of British falconry we have researched and reproduced all the major and popular historic periods relevant to our craft. We focus only on English falconry and on periods during which falconry was established and socially popular. Our story begins with late Roman and the birth of falconry in Western Europe, we then continue unbroken through to the rapid waning of falconry in the late 16th Century until its demise before the English Civil War. Falconry was revived in the 1770s and so our story picks up again in the Georgian period and continues through to the war eras of the 20th Century. Each period of history has been meticulously researched and our costumes are authentic in design.

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Please note we can only recreate one period per event.

Late Roman
The end of the Roman occupation of Britain when the first references to men hunting with hawks appear in this country.
Saxon & Norman
Hunting with birds becomes an established and popular sport for English kings, feudal lords and foreign invaders.
Early Medieval
The flowering of falconry as hunting with birds becomes more widespread and is reflected in culture, religion, politics and war.
Late Medieval
The Plantagenet Kings enjoy hawking at its historic pinnacle described as The Golden Age of Falconry.
The sport and passion of Henry VIII and Renaissance Princes who used the power of falconry for personal gain.
The popularity of falconry wains in the age of gunpowder, Puritans and land enclosure.
Late Georgian (Regency)
Traditional elitist sports are threatened by political change sparking a new age of gentleman's falconry clubs.
Victorian & Gothic Falconry (copyright)
The fascination for reviving gothic arts breathes new life into an old country pursuit and Darwinism reveals a new appreciation of birds.
Edwardian & Great War
The last age of the professional falconer as the traditional country house lifestyle disappears with The Great War. Falconers seek their sport further afield in the last days of Empire.
The modernisation of falconry, the introduction of motor vehicles to replace horses and falcons used in the first Hollywood films and early wildlife photography.
The Feathered Frontier: the enchanting tale of birds in war both home and abroad, the use of birds as military mascots, pigeon post and the top secret military Falcon Unit.
21st Century
Contemporary falconry that reveals how the art has changed during the last 50 years creating a new golden age.

We are happy to undertake sponsored commissions so if you want us to reproduce a specific decade of history please talk to us.

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Within our various periods we also offer a staggering variety of specific and stylised themes. That means the commentary; stories and artistic interpretation which accompanies our flying displays can tell a particular story. Some themes are applicable to numerous periods of history while others are period specific. We will happily produce a themed presentation as long as we can find a tangible link to falconry and are satisfied that an honest narrative can be built around the subject.

Here are lots of examples of past commissions :-

Themed historical falconry presentations require great research, imagination and flair and that is our real area of specialism. We go that extra mile to give you a falconry show that cannot be offered, copied or surpassed by anyone else. So if you have a themed exhibition or event and need a big attraction like falconry but can't see how to make it fit the programme - ask! Our themed shows are always greeted with awe and delight by audiences who tell us they are impressed and refreshed by listening to something so creative and captivating.

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