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"The History Birds" is our exclusive indoor event - a live storytelling show with real birds. It is a static event which does not include any flying so it's perfect for museums, schools and heritage venues where outdoor space is either limited or entirely absent. The event is a magical mixture of bird related stories from across the centuries; legends, fables, folk stories, parables and personal accounts dating from ancient times through to the Victorian age. From heavenly tales to supernatural stories, the event dramatises man's intense relationship with all things avian. Suitable for audiences of all ages, The History Birds offers a spellbinding story adventure through time in the company of a cast of enchanting birds. It is unusual and insightful entertainment of the highest quality and not lessened in any way by the omission of flying. We have performed in this fashion at the V & A Museum as part of their Gothic Exhibition, at The British Library for their Henry VIII Man and Monarch Exhibition, and at Stoke Pottery Museum & Art Gallery as part of the Staffordshire Hoard display. We have also worked at numerous smaller regional museums and historic venues where there is no outdoor space to fly. We are the only people EVER to have taken live birds inside The Natural History Museum, and the only falconers to have worked in the historic dockyard at Portsmouth and the Gladstone Pottery Museum....anything is possible with thought and planning!

We are also technical demonstrators and can create an indoor exhibition of artefacts, equipment and crafts particular to falconry. Things visitors can pick up and handle or have a go at, like leash braiding and tying the ancient falconer's knot. Watch us cut leather jesses or dress a hood, prepare feathers for imping and mix lotions - all the skills of the falconer.

Every performance requires a stage and ours is the Hawk Mews; a small period scene that we create in a suitable indoor space comprising just a few live birds safely tethered to period perches, and around them a variety of period props, falconry equipment, pottery, fabrics, furniture and of course a period dressed falconer. The mews is always a popular attraction in its own right and allows visitors to view the birds, take photographs and ask questions. We have a simple free-standing safety barrier and provide floor protectors.

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In our experience museums prefer one of the following 2 event formats:-

Option 1 - Timetabled Presentations
This is the format of "The History Birds" service in which a series of lively 30 minute verbal shows are presented throughout the day. We sometimes use a PA and sound effects, we give live demonstrations of the things we talk about, and invite a little participation from the listening audience. Times are displayed on a blackboard and we give each talk a different theme and content. This is our most popular museum service and visitors will often return to hear different presentations.
Option 2 - Live Craft Demonstrations
Our craft workshop is more suited to a venue with a regular flow of visitors who pass by without stopping for long and do not return. Visitors can handle all the artefacts displayed on our work table, view the tethered birds at close quarters and interact with us on a more personal basis.


We charge anywhere between £300 - £600 per day for our indoor service depending on the content, plus travel expenses and accommodation where applicable. We will take single day bookings at weekends however at peak times of the season we may charge a nominal fee for the loss of the second day. All our fees are plus VAT. Please email us for an inclusive quote and we will respond as soon as possible.

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