Raphael Historic Falconry

As individuals we have enjoyed long and varied careers in falconry so together we share an impressive 50+ years of commercial experience. During that time we have managed public bird of prey centres, operated avian pest control, instructed many students and apprentices, entertained thousands of spectators and trained hundreds of birds.

A lifetime of professional falconry activity fused with a fascination of our falconry forefathers has evolved into what you see today! All our listed events are genuine bookings at which we can be seen performing so a visit is always worth the effort.

Owl drawing
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Our birds are the heart of our business and we treat them like family. We have a core team of 25 trained hawks, owls and falcons and the odd youngster quietly coming up the ranks. We even have a few retired old timers! So we can carefully select the right birds for each job and venue.

We perform exclusively at historic events, heritage properties and venues of history and culture... we are entirely different to your game and country fair type falconry! Think theatre with birds, a stage performance with story and structure, a realistic period cameo. We are incomparable and infamous for our polished delivery! Read more about our historical falconry event services.

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