Raphael Historic Falconry

When we established ourselves in 1998 it was not our intention to become historic specialists, we were pest controllers and contemporary demonstrators, somehow history found us and opened a door to a new purpose. There were many jokes and jibes from fellow falconers about donning tights but we took the research seriously and ignored the criticism. We were the first falconers to give credibility to the historical recreation of falconry and elevate it from pantomime status as it so rightly deserved.

Decades of professional falconry activity fused with a deep respect for our falconry forefathers has evolved into what you see today. We are passionate about the heritage of our own sport and the battles our ancestors have fought to keep the art alive through ever-changing social times. We would not enjoy the privilege of practicing falconry today without the achievements of falconers past.

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Our birds lie at the heart of our business so we treat them like family. We have a working team of 24 trained raptors of predominantly authentic species who all fly. Some have been with us since the very beginning and all enjoy a high quality of life due to our dedication. Unlike zoo animals our birds spend most of their lives in the peace and tranquillity of a private home, they conduct public work for only one third of the year which we believe to be a happy balance. We do not allow members of the public to visit us, not even by arrangement. We are licenced by our local council and were proudly awarded "exemplary" status after a recent inspection.

We perform exclusively at historic events, heritage properties and venues of history and culture - we are not "Game and Country Fair" style falconers! Our recreations incorporate theatre with birds, performances with genuine story and structure to the flights, a realistic period presentation.....for whichever historic era you choose. It is important to us that we deal directly with our customers to give the best service so we do not deal through agencies.

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