Raphael Historic Falconry

Raphael Historic Falconry

are the longest established professional historic falconers in the UK.

The original time travelling falconers! We are professional performers and specialist interpreters who offer falconry productions of superior quality & class to the heritage industry. We cleverly combine birds, stories, costumes, and history to create completely unique events!

We are a stylish live-performance falconry demonstration team built exclusively for historic venues. Delivering period events is our primary and sole activity, consequently we have a reputation for being the best in our field. We are not tied to a geographical region because we have equipped ourselves to travel and work independently anywhere in the UK. We supply all our own event infrastructure, write our own artistic programmes, and deliver clients a service of excellence either as a sideshow or an event in its own right!

  • Licensed Exhibitors AAL 22/00017/AW18LI
  • Heritage education via live demonstration
  • Multiple authentic historical periods
  • IRBPP member in support of high welfare standards
  • Qualified & vastly experienced
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We operate as a heritage education team combining the craft of falconry with performance and interpretation skills - this produces something wonderfully creative and visually spectacular. You can investigate us more closely by navigating through our website using the arrows at the top and bottom of the scrolls, and clicking on the owl signs.

  • Live Action Interpretation
  • Immersive Narration
  • Engaging Presentations
  • Credible Re-creations
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We have worked successfully within the heritage industry for 24 years but have been professional falconers for even longer, consequently we have an excellent reputation for the quality and integrity of our falconry practice. The welfare of our birds is of paramount importance and that can be clearly seen in the way we present them and care for them. We are one of just a handful of vetted members of the International Register of Bird of Prey Professionals which promotes high welfare standards, this means an event organiser can book us with confidence as a verified industry professional.

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